QRevInt is a fork, created by Genesis HydroTech LLC, of QRev version 4 developed by the USGS. Both QRevInt and QRev compute the discharge from a moving-boat ADCP measurement using data collected with any of the Teledyne RD Instrument (TRDI) or SonTek bottom tracking ADCPs. The software improves the consistency and efficiency of processing streamflow measurements by providing:

The USGS QRev web page is available here

Development: Genesis HydroTech LLC is coordinating the modifications and enhancements for QRevInt with the guidance and contributions from the following agencies:  

Source code repository: https://bitbucket.org/genesishydrotech/qrevint/

Bug reports: Please report all bugs with appropriate instructions and files to reproduce the issue and add this to the issues tracking feature in the source code repository or email (dave@genesishydrotech.com).

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